Helping you regain your
feminine form, and your confidence

If surgery has altered your figure, no matter how serious the operation, we will help restore your appearance and your hope for a much healthier future.

What are my options
following a mastectomy?

We won’t downplay your pain or your fear. Having a partial or full mastectomy is a life altering event. Yes – it was a necessary part of curing your cancer and saving your life. But no matter how strong the reason, your shock and despair over breast surgery is both normal and almost unavoidable.

But you don’t have to suffer needlessly. The breast form industry is here to help – supplying prosthetics for people like you – breast cancer survivors.

There is a solution,
and it’s called Breast Forms®

Breast formsAn advanced, modern and thoroughly tested prosthesis, BreastForms® will restore your former natural outward appearance.

Each expertly crafted
form is completely and uniquely fitted to your own individual body type, following your own personal contours and body shape.

As close to a perfect alternative
as medical science can create

Breast FormsThe all-female technicians involved with your fitting are consummate, caring and licensed professionals.

Each has been expertly trained by experienced breast care nurses, and continue to receive ongoing guidance – always working for the better good of their patients.

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